1Spiky desert plant (6)
5Absorbent baby clothing (6)
10A formal charge of wrongdoing brought against a person (7)
11A sudden desire, urge, or inclination (7)
12A sharp pointed implement (6)
15Of water, to move or flow in small waves (6)
16The male ruler of an empire (7)
17Toy with string wound on spool (2-2)
18Penny (4)
19A low seat or a stool to rest the feet of a seated person (7)
20The act of caressing with the lips (4)
22Feline mammals (4)
25Groups of people who share a characteristic, usually age (7)
27A mythical creature that breathes fire (6)
28The far distance ( informal ) (6)
31The ability to identify with and understand somebody else's feelings or difficulties (7)
32Word meaning same as another (7)
33To move away quickly after hitting a surface, or throw something so that it hits a surface and moves away (6)
34Regard highly; think much of (6)


2The sport of shooting arrows with a bow (7)
3To have a vigorous physical or verbal struggle with somebody (6)
4Goes with pepper (4)
5Fall in drops (4)
6International student working as domestic helper (2,4)
7One celestial body obscures another (7)
8Delicate and pretty (6)
9To say, state, or perform again (6)
13Any strong feeling (7)
14Container with gas under pressure (7)
15Members of a royal family generally (7)
20Either of a pair of organs in the abdomen of vertebrates that filter waste liquid (6)
21Cleansing agent used for washing the hair (7)
23(of tempo) moderately slow (7)
24Small ocean crustacean (6)
25A soft white downy fiber that grows in seed pods (6)
26A verse form consisting of 14 lines with a fixed rhyme scheme (6)
29A harp used by ancient Greeks for accompaniment (4)
30A small island (4)

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