An Apple A Day


1The capital of Italy (4)
3…a measure of capacity for apples, equal to a quarter of a bushel (4)
6Of great mass; huge and bulky (5)
10_________ teller machine (9)
11A tough synthetic material (5)
12To make something shorter (7)
13Large green long-horned grasshopper of North America (7)
14A special festive occasion that typically includes food and entertainment or type of apple (4)
16Equipment for taking photographs (6)
18Give help or assistance; be of service (3)
21To keep watch secretly or furtively on somebody or something in order to gain information or type of apple (3)
22A solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk (6)
23Transport in a vehicle (4)
25To throw something into disorder and confusion (7)
27Denoting a number or a system of numbers (7)
29Greek philosopher. A follower of Socrates (5)
30A rapid series of ascending or descending notes on the musical scale (9)
31Plural of tooth (5)
32Turn over and over (4)
33____ and that- miscellaneous unimportant things (4)


1Moves (personnel, resources, etc.) to a new post, department, location, etc. (9)
2A short saying that expresses a rule to live by (5)
4To make a mistake or wrongdoing seem less serious than it first appeared, e.g. by providing a mitigating excuse for it (9)
5A trademark used for a hand-held camera and camera film (5)
6Red late-ripening apple or name for a boy (8)
7A dramatic or other literary work characterized by the use of stereotyped characters, exaggerated emotions and language (9)
8Possessed (5)
9Granny _____ apple (5)
15Light cake with filling between layers (5,4)
17Absolutely necessary; vitally necessary (9)
19Variety of sweet eating apples- extremely pleasing to the sense of taste (9)
20Early-ripening apple popular in the northeastern United States (8)
24Get or gather together (a large number of something) (5)
25A railroad or bus station (5)
26Full of enthusiasm and impatience (5)
28Livestock farm on rangeland (5)

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