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Card Games:

Check out all the Card Games has to offer. We've got games that everyone wants to play! Just click on a game below to start playing. All Flash Games, Shockwave Games, and Java Games are free to play.

Card Blitz 21

Card Blitz 21 Try to make each pile into twenty-one points! Work quickly to accumulate as many points as possible before time runs out!


Pathians Clear the cards from the board by clicking on them in chains! Make the chains as long as possible; click on cards of the same or close values.

Jolly Poker

Jolly Poker Move the rows of cards to make the best poker hand possible down the center column! Better hands score bigger points so play wisely!

Peek Solitaire

Peek Solitaire This is an intense card game! It's a solitaire-type game, but a lot trickier. See if you can beat it!

Poker 5x5

Poker 5x5 Poker with 25 cards?! Well it's here if you can handle it. Come and try your skill (and luck)!

Ancient China Solitaire

Ancient China Solitaire Try to clear all the cards from the screen by adding them to the pile one by one! Jokers are wild, but other cards must be added in order.

Flip The Cards

Flip The Cards Test your photographic memory! Use your visual perception and memory to match the pairs!

Gangster Pair

Gangster Pair Test your memory with gangster themes! As you complete each round, the board grows bigger and the more cards you have to match to each other!

Galactic Odyssey Solitaire

Galactic Odyssey Solitaire Play your way through solitaire in space! Clear all the cards from the board by adding them to the pile! Flip new ones if you get stuck.

Math Solitaire

Math Solitaire Play by yourself or against the computer! Use your simple math skills to combine cards and reach a total!

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