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Graphics Adventures Games:

Check out all the Graphics Adventures Games has to offer. We've got games that everyone wants to play! Just click on a game below to start playing. All Flash Games, Shockwave Games, and Java Games are free to play.


Concussion Oh no! The ground has caved in and you've found yourself deep in a mine! Collect gems, avoid lava and monsters, and try to find your way out!

Fantastic Treasures

Fantastic Treasures Steer your way around a fantastic underwater world collecting treasures. The only thing to watch out for are the deadly fish!

Mighty Spidy

Mighty Spidy Crawl and sling your way around as a spider collecting flies in the big human world.

Dragon Journey

Dragon Journey Oh no! All your eggs have been stolen by that evil vulture! Chase after the vulture to collect your eggs and save the dragon babies!


Cliffie Great sound, and great graphic. deliver the mail, and drink some beer. Sounds like a great job.

Toast of War

Toast of War Make your way through fighting off evil butter as a piece of toast. Use the arsenal you find along the way to succeed.

Heileen: A Trip to Bavaria

Heileen: A Trip to Bavaria Travel with Heileen on her trip to Bavaria! Follow the story and choose Heileen's path! The ending will be different based on your choices!

Yan Loong Legend

Yan Loong Legend Help Yan Loong use his sword and dragon fire spell to beat all the enemies who are blocking his way and find out why wars happen in the world!

Rainbow Spider

Rainbow Spider The Rainbow Spider has to make a journey through a magical world. How far can you take him?

Mr. Ray and the Missing Colors

Mr. Ray and the Missing Colors Roy G Biv has lost all of his colours! Its up to Mr Ray and Kalien to visit all the planets and retrieve the colours for Roy!

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